"You are the average of the 5 people you associate with the most" - Jim Rohn


Tonight, the founders of the biggest launch in IM history are going to lay out the formula for creating huge wealth online... blogging.

At 9pm EST, grab a hot cup of coffee, a pen and paper, and refresh this page...

This is gonna be awesome.

- James Richardson

Ps. Whilst your watching the webinar above, you may get a strong sensation to join now, and that's ok. You can get started right now, here.

LIVE at 9pm EST TONIGHT... How I've Done $70 Million in Sales... Blogging.

I'm going to keep this short...

...tonight, I'm going to lay out a formula for creating wealth online ...blogging.

At 9pm EST, refresh this blog post... in the meantime, go ahead and enjoy the last leadership hangout we did down here at Empower Network.

A few assignments if you're already on the inside...

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3.  Share the blog post on Facebook, and let the world know about tonight's hangout.  I'm going to share some secrets on creating cash online blogging ... the easy way.

4.  Be a badass.

Love ya, and see you tonight.

I got to get my whiteboard out, it's getting rusty...

-David Wood
"The Guru Slayer"

* Getting ready to unleash the 'awesome'.

-The EN Team


You won't believe what you're about to see here.
From regular people, who went from rock bottom
to making tens-of-thousands of dollars blogging (the
right way)....

To exploding buildings and dancing with death....
To the DEATH of MTV? (huh?)
It's all here - JAM PACKED full of awesomeness,
shenanigans, and most of all - 
A glimpse into how YOU to can profit and prosper
with the Blog Beast in just a few days when we make
this ground breaking, game-changing platform available
for you to use!
There's 1 word for Video #3 of the "Blog Beast
Redemption" movie -- "EPIC"
Watch It Here :-)
- James Richardson
"Back ...and Ready To 
Unleash The Beast"


Here’s my Genius Capital Limited review

So is it a scam?

Cutting straight to the chase, Genius Capital Limited is yet another high yield investment scam program! So don’t waste your time and money…

If you’re serious about making money online, then here’s a step by step way that thousands of successful entrepreneurs are utilising – click here to access my top recommendation.

Genius Capital Limited Review – So Why is Genius Capital Limited a scam?

You may be wondering why I’m telling you not to invest in Genius Capital.

The simple reason is because it’s nothing but another high yiest investment ponzi scheme that is likely to go belly up and stop paying at any moment.

These hyip programs are designed by professional con artists that are out to scam you. I have invested in these types of programs before and I know how the operate. It’s the same old process every time. Do not be fooled.

These hyip programs pop up every day, as one closes, another opens under a different name, and goes through the same process to get investors on board, promising high yields and not delivering.

This program will likely last for around 1-3 months and then will stop paying it’s members. The owners will then disappear with all their investors money and you will never see it again. Trust me!

Genius Capital Limited ReviewYour next steps…

So rather than wasting your time and money on yet another one of these hyip scams like Genius Capital Limited – check out the system I use along with thousands of others to make money online – click here now.

To your success,

- James Richardson
“Internet Freedom Fighter”

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Well Paid Jobs Without A Degree


What do Richard Branson, Bill Gates and David Geffen all have in common?

Well paid jobs without a degree…

Each have incredible wealth, global success and have no college degree.

They are in fact among a large, and growing list of success stories in the business world from entrepreneurs that have well paid jobs without a degree.

A college degree is becoming less and less important to get on and be successful in your career.

Here are some well paid jobs without a degree:

- estate agent
- sales manager
- plumber
- banker
- web developer

But seriosuly, why do you want a JOB? To have an income yeh I know.

Well paid jobs without a degree – a better solution…

But what if I showed you a system where you can work for yourself, in as little as 2-3 hours per day, and earn an easy $100+ per day, from the comfort of you own home…

That sounds a little too much like scammy bulshit right?

Well check this out before you let your wussy skepticism get the better of you…

Watch this video now

Forget well paid JOBS without a degree, time to work on your own terms:

In the video you’ll learn a simple, 3 step formula that thousands of people are using to earn $100+ per day, some even $1000 per day in as little as 30 days from now.

Watch the video here

You can thank me later, on the inside :)

- James Richardson
“Internet Freedom Fighter”

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